Monday, September 25, 2006

Your Brain

Upon thorough analysis and study, we found out that your brain has two sides: Left and Right.
On the left side of your brain, there's nothing right.
While on the right side, there's nothing left!

Big Trouble

A 3 year-old boy praying:

"Dear God, bless my mommy, bless my daddy, bless my friends and bless me. And take care of yourself because if anything happens to you... we're in BIIIG TROUBLE!"

Countless Blessings

In a science class...

The teacher asked her students to give an example of things which are countless.

One student answered, "WATER."

Another one answered, "SAND."

Then another answered, "AIR."

The teacher noticed that everybody is participating except for one. She called that student's attention and asked, "What are things which are countless?"

The student stood up and answered...


Friday, September 08, 2006


To walk when others are running;
To whisper when others are shouting;
To sleep when others are restless;
To smile when others are angry;
To pause when others are hurrying;
To pray when others are doubting;
To think when others are confused;
To face turmoil yet feel composure;
To know inner calm inspite of everything;
To sleep in the middle of a storm.

This is the test of serenity.
This is Christ's Life!